UHR-Warlords: Join the Epic Battle

, Bergen, Norway


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turn-based strategy
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single-player, online & local multiplayer
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iOS (iPad)
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February 18th, 2014
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138.00 MB
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English, Norwegian
Turbo Tape Games
Turbo Tape Games

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, Bergen, Norway
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Turbo Tape Games
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UHR-Warlords: Join the Epic Battle

After a great success with Naval War: Arctic Circle, Turbo Tape Games are proud to announce their newest title, UHR-Warlords, created in collaboration with famous Norwegian musician, Demonaz. Developed for the iPad, UHR-Warlords creates an impressive experience by mixing the two key ingredients of any great board game: ingenious, elegant game mechanics and a strong, compelling theme. In UHR-Warlords, the classic and yet enhanced turn based strategy combat system perfectly pairs up with great 3D graphics, an atmospheric soundtrack and lyrical storytelling.

Enter the mythical world of Uhr, as one of the four Warlords fighting for supremacy. Command your armies of mystical Creatures and use the ultimate power force – the Uhrkraft – to win this battle for dominance!

The gameplay occurs strictly on the battlegrounds, in an intuitive set up, placing one player on the left side, against the other one, on the right. You then trade turns with your opponent in placing, moving and attacking Creatures on the board. Each such action consumes Uhrkraft, of which players receive ten points at the beginning of each turn. Tactical placement of armies on the board can increase your Uhrkraft Repository. Strategically use your Creatures and Runes to take away the opposing Warlord’s life force by destroying his army and Strongholds. There are eight Creature types that can be spawned during a battle, at different Uhrkraft costs, all having different movement and attack patterns, hit points, damage ranges and special abilities. Mastering them is key to developing strategies and winning the battle. First player to take ten points off the opponent’s life force wins the battle.

Challenge your friends either online or on the same device, or engage in conquering Uhr in the single player campaign mode, and experience the lyricism of this world all by yourself, against the AI. Either way, the whole environment is perfectly crafted to make the hours you’ll likely spend playing UHR-Warlords, fly by. The world of Uhr is the result of Turbo Tape Games’ close collaboration with Demonaz, who throughout his career has worked on creating a world of fantasy and legend. Being brought to life through awesome 3D graphics and Demonaz’s music – composed especially for it – UHR-Warlords and its story will keep you immersed.

Now available on the Apple App Store™!

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