TakeOver: The fairy tale happening around you. Join the Open Alpha!

, Copenhagen, Denmark


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location-aware, mid-core, social, RPG
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single player, social
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cross-browser, cross-device, HTML5
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March 9th, 2014
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0.00 MB
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NuGames Studios Sweden AB
NuGames Studios Sweden AB

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, Copenhagen, Denmark
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NuGames Studios Sweden AB
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TakeOver: The fairy tale happening around you. Join the Open Alpha!

HTML5 developer NuGames (winner of Nordic Game Conference “Who Dares Wins” pitching competition) has just released the Open Alpha of their location-aware mid-core social RPG… pheew!… TakeOver. And they’re in need of alpha testers! Enrol on a fairy tale-like adventure together with your mighty, talkative horse, but remember: if the play session crashes, be a good Samaritan and let them know via feedback@takeover.to or takeover.uservoice.com

In TakeOver, the Red Emperor, an evil dude, has hidden the story world underneath a thing called reality. You and your Facebook friends become knights and ladies, and your major quest is to rediscover the story world by doing RPG stuff like defeating the Red Emperor’s Non-Player Characters to loot treasure chests, and levelling up. Near future development plans include owning hex cells, taking over hex cells from others, and teaming up in clans to dominate the World. Kinda epic.

Using the Google Maps API, the entire Planet (yes, ours, the real one) is rendered as a hex grid. By moving from cell to cell, you’ll repopulate it with the story world, and take it over. But most importantly, you’ll get a talking horse with whom you’ll ride real-world territory and get into mischief. Everything revolves around riding and grinding geographical space: hex cells.

TakeOver is Free2Play, selling in-game virtual currency and awesome items for you and your horse (no ads or anything).

So, what say you, brave knight or lady? Shall we set you up with a mighty steed to reclaim the world? Open it in your browser: takeover.to on any of your devices, and log in with Facebook!

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