Scrap Hunt: A Flying/Diving/Drilling single tap adventure!

, Sweden

Scrap Hunt

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single tap adventure
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iOS, Android
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November 14th, 2013
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13.60 MB
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Anton Hultdin
Anton Hultdin

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, Sweden
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Anton Hultdin
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Scrap Hunt: A Flying/Diving/Drilling single tap adventure!

Pilot an extraordinary piece of machinery that can fly, go underwater and dig through the undergrounds!

Swedish indie game developer, Anton Hultdin, is proud to announce a major update to his latest iOS and Android game, Scrap Hunt. In this free single tap adventure you’re in charge of piloting an awesome piece of machinery that can fly, go underwater and dig through the undergrounds. Your mission? Save your city!

Your city is under attack by a mysterious enemy that must be fought back, and it’s up to you to save it! But the world around you is constantly changing, and so must you. Every mission comes with a new challenge, and you’ll have to tackle your way through the air, the water and the underground. Luckily, your ship can transform itself from an aircraft, to a submarine and to a drill, which definitely comes in handy. Beware of the mines, torpedoes, flying saucers, sharks and other enemy obstacles. Avoid or destroy them by using the easy controls: tap to ascend, and release to descend.

Throughout your mission you will collect plenty of scrap parts. Use the Work Shop to assemble helpful gadgets that will make you even more powerful against your enemy. As opposed to others in this genre, in Scrap Hunt there is no in game currency that you have to buy. You can afford the items at a reasonable pace, with what you collect in the game.

Scrap Hunt features industrial cartoonish graphics – with lots of smoke, pipes and bolts – and a cool radio-like 1930’s soundtrack.

The new update comes with 30 new missions to keep you going for longer, with plenty of new upgrades, and a marching band and cheering crowd to salute you as their hero, when you’ve defeated the enemy.

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November 18th, 2013 148Apps: Scrap Hunt Update Adds New Power-ups and 30 Brand-new Levels, Including a Proper Ending to the Game