Project Temporality: Clone Yourself to Solve the Puzzles

, Malmö, Sweden

Temporality Project

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sci-fi action puzzler
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single player co-op
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March 7th, 2014
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456.00 MB
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Defrost Games
Defrost Games

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, Malmö, Sweden
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Defrost Games
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Project Temporality: Clone Yourself to Solve the Puzzles

Swedish indie game developer, Defrost Games, is proud to announce the launch of their latest game: Project Temporality. Recently Greenlit on Steam and one of the semifinalists of Dream Build Play a few years back, this game comes in the form of a single player co-op sci-fi action puzzler. But more than that, Project Temporality explores the time bending mechanic giving it depth and consistency. Granting players the flexibility of existing in virtually an unlimited number of timelines, Defrost Games takes the concept of time as a fourth dimension a step further. Solving puzzles becomes a co-op pursuit between you and several of your time clones. “We wanted to return to the earlier days of game making – when a single mechanic was thoroughly explored and molded until it generated an onion-like complexity structure, all of which built upon a single core” (Niklas Hansson, Defrost Games Founder).

In a dystopian future, in which mankind used Martyn J. Fogg’s theories to ignite Jupiter and create habitable planets out of its moons, you are test subject #87, forced to try out a time-altering experimental technology. Moving through an operational, yet abandoned research facility, you’ll need to figure out your exit strategy, time your actions, clone yourself and solve the puzzles.

The game’s complexity resides in the fact that your time clones aren’t just static copies of your previous self. They represent a set of your recorded actions, simultaneously operating in different timelines, along your current activities. This dynamic results in some mind twisting puzzles, especially when combined with temporality-fielded objects, which cannot be affected by your time manipulation. What comes to pass is a paradox effect puzzle in which your actions do not only affect the world around you, but can also affect your time clones. From a purely mathematical perspective, what happens is that the temporality field increases the in-game dimensions to 5. Your position in this 5th dimension is what allows you to perform actions at seemingly different locations in the other 4.

Aiming towards streamlining the single player cooperation, Defrost Games’ focus was on creating as little resistance as possible between what you want to do and how you do it. Clones can be spawned at any point, without the need of starting over or synchronising. This way, gameplay becomes smooth, eliminating the waiting times and the frustration of replaying entire puzzles. You can seamlessly move backwards to any point in time, as long as you manage your temporality implant’s battery levels correctly.

Exploring the environment will take you through what happened to the subjects before you, and the story that will unfold talks about human greed and how the insatiable thirst for pushing boundaries may lead to self-destruction.

Rewind time, split it into parallel lanes and become your own ally! Eighty Seven, your TP-205 brainstem implant has been activated, you can begin testing now. Get Project Temporality until March 14th and you’ll pay the special price of $11.99, instead of the full $14.99!

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