One Upfront Fixed Price per Campaign

invoiced upon delivery

Fixed Price / Campaign 500€
Permanent Slug
Exhaustive, beautiful & responsive presentation of your game & development team. Your own slug, as seen in the LookBook.
Distribution to hundreds of game journalists
Mass distribution campaign & personal emails sent to a selection of journalists (agreed together with you).
Tracking, measuring & reporting performance
Statistical data about the profile of your reviewers & complete list of mentions (URLs & stats).
Account management & post-launch assistance
Planning & strategising consultancy, full press release copywriting, promo codes handling, etc.


HypeSlugs works on a flat fee basis, so you can plan your expenses in advance and keep your cashflow in check. No retainer fees, no surprise invoices, just some discounts for recurring customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

might come in handy one day

What is HypeSlugs?

We've developed HypeSlugs as a PR tool/service for game developers to easily assemble a professional media kit, distribute it to relevant journalists and track & measure reactions.

What is a Slug?

The Slug is a presentation we use to spread the news about your game. It compiles all the info a journalist might need to write about your game, into an all-devices-accommodating interface that focuses both on the visual impact of the game and on bringing you, the developer, in the lime light.

What if I don't have all the data you want for the slug?

Well, while we do think you should have everything on our list - I mean, a trailer is one of the first things people look at, and you must have some crazy photos of you and your team mates on a drive somewhere - the data set required for the slug is flexible, so it will work either way. But seriously, get a trailer and some awesome photos!

What is a mass distribution campaign?

It's what we call an email campaign that goes out to all publications in our network that are interested in games developed for the same platform your game is built for.

What do you mean by personalised emails?

One of the steps in our strategising phase is to identify journalists that have a personal interest in the theme, genre, art style or any other attribute of your game. When we start spreading the slug, we will address these fine people personally, one by one :)

Why should we do both personalised and mass emailing?

The personalised approach ensures that the campaign is targeted and offers you a better chance of getting reviewed, while the latter ensures we haven’t missed anybody, and that you’ll have a chance of being mentioned everywhere :)

What do you mean by "planning and strategising"?

This part is different from project to project. Some of you may already have everything planned to a tee - but it's always good to have a second opinion, right? Others, may not have a clue about what, when, how, why, etc… hence the whole planning and strategising thing. Among others, we'll make a schedule for deliverables on both sides, identify USPs, agree on the message to be conveyed, research the launch date, who to send it to, etc.

What about copywriting?

We'll take care of that, too. I'll play the game, scribble down some ideas on the angles, and then we'll work together to identify the best approach, message and USP(s) to focus on. After a bit of iteration, we'll nail down the text.

How did you come up with the Slug's data structure?

It was developed during the 2 years we've worked with writing and distributing press releases for game developers and preoccupying ourselves with improving the job we were doing. We've read the tone of articles on the topic coming directly from the game journalists we're targeting, and also found a great inspiration in Vlambeer's open presskit() - which we highly recommend to anyone who wants to take care of PR on their own.

Let's get in touch, we'd love to hear about your game!

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