Introducing the Slug: a beautiful, responsive press release

We create it, you just send us your info and assets

An exhaustive presentation of your game and development team (over 50 data points and 10 visual assets) with a spot-on press release, perfect for game journalists.

HypeSlugs pimps up your press release and lets´╗┐ peeps know

Say whaaaaaaat?!

A custom tailored message goes out, both personally to journalists, and to the mass media through a distribution list. We decide together our target audience and release schedule.

Track & measure hypes

Get a custom tailored campaign report

As soon as the slug is released, we start listening for hypes and keep pushing for press coverage. We also handle promo codes and provide you with a custom report at the end.


You always get a dedicated account manager ;)

Let's get in touch, we'd love to hear about your game!

Remember: the sooner we talk, the better the slug.